Who on earth decided that Louis Vuitton’s long wallets were made for women? Well whoever it was, he obviously didn’t see their latest wallet collection!

I was wallet-shopping a while ago after I lost my favorite Bally wallet, and the first store I thought of was of course, Louis Vuttion. I fell in love with their long wallets the minute I saw them. My top 3 choices though were Versace Collection’s black leather long wallet, Armani’s long wallets (only two were made) and the Louis Vuttion’s. And what’s more elegant and classy than Louis Vuttion? Excuse me but nothing.

Now this wallet was pretty pricy, but it was worth it’s price in every way possible. I believe it was priced at $600, more or less.


This is what the wallet looks like. Some of my friends told me its feminine, but I didn’t really care. I was mesmerized, I couldn’t resist!

And here is another picture of the interior:


It has a LOT of space, 8 card slots, additional card or paper slot at the lower right, a zipper for coins (I don’t carry coins though), and a slot on each side for notes and bills.

And this last picture of how it’s carried:


Now that’s obviously how I like to carry it. You can carry it the way you want, and it even fits in your back pockets, its just a matter of personal preference! But careful not to sit on it!

It is totally fashionable with a touch of class. Its my favorite LV wallet ever made.

What do you think though? Please share your opinion, and let me know your thoughts!

Click here to view the wallet on the official Louis Vuttion online store.

PS: all the photos were taken by Instagram for iPhone.