I’ve been visiting Asos.com A LOT lately. I’ve shopped there a lot, and it wasn’t always as satisfying as I had thought, but well. I was thinking about getting myself a new blazer, and browsing through the website, I found nothing that caught my eyes – not in the men’s section anyway. So I decided to take a look at the women’s blazers, and I fell in love with this Ted Baker’s Metallic Tailored Blazer. It is listed under women’s section, it is glittery, but I think it could go for unisex, it better does, ’cause otherwise I would be wearing a women’s blazer.

Also, Asos are having a 70% holidays discount, the blazer’s original price is $361.78, but currently listed for $181.80!!!

Here are some pictures:

  Take your time before deciding whether or not it could be worn unisexually – if that’s even a word. Don’t answer based on the fact that a girl is modeling, and also consider the fact that I love everything glittery.

Followed is another picture from the back of the blazer.

The back makes it more feminine than unisexual because of the waist, but I actually like the tailoring of it. I’m getting convinced as I write more and more into this post!

I was trying to upload a close up photo that shows the fabric pretty clearly, but it’s not working for some reason, so I posted the link of the original listing on Asos.com below.

So what do you guys think? I know it’s a risk, and chances are, I’ll never wear it even if I got it, but I can’t help myself getting over it. It’s irresistible! So share some thoughts!

Click here to look at the blazer’s listing on Asos.com.