mtvU's Against Our Will Campaign

Today, January 11th, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Little girls as young as 12 years old are being forced to work in prostitution, for men that are older than 35 years old, without even keeping the money they’re making for themselves!! How sad is that? And what’s even worse is when I came to help by simply spreading some tweets, it seemed like my 1900+ followers (on my personal account, @i7moodsuxx) were just…useless. I don’t know about those who actually “took actions” after reading them, but not so many retweeted. I was surprised. Why wouldn’t they help by simply retweeting? Did we really get that far? What’s happening to us?

Quoting “Against Our Will” campaign on slavery and trafficking abroad:

“Human trafficking takes place all over the world, especially in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Between 12 and 27 million people worldwide are estimated to be enslaved.”

Please, pretty please, if you’re reading this, help this campaign in any way possible, help by simply reading the facts, or spreading some words through social networking. I can make a difference, you can make a difference, and together we can make a change.

Everything you need to know about Against Our Will campaign can be found here, if the link doesn’t work, then go to – everything from the facts to the solutions. It will only take few minutes, please do.

Moe Ali.