I don’t know why is it called Bomb Jacket, it sounds annoying, but anyway. I found this “bomb jacket” when I was shopping at Macy’s the very next day after arriving to LA, and it caught my eyes. It looked good, but the minute I tried it on, I fell in love. The fit is just amazing!

I never really bought anything, ever, from INC International Concepts, this was my first piece, but while looking for it’s picture on Macy’s website, I found some really nice stuff by INC. I might be paying them another visit soon!

Never mind how the jacket looks on the model, he’s definitely NOT werking it! It’s also not really as shiny as it looks on the picture, but it has a nice shine, it feels like its a new colour, a mixture of grey and silver….did I just? Oh well.

When I bought it, it was for $99.50, but right now they’re having sales on it; 15% off, and it’s at $79.99 (USE CODE: PRES). Its really worth its price, in fact, it’s kind of inexpensive. If you see someone walking down the streets of, say, Hollywood, you’d think its a $500 jacket. I would anyway!

Take a look at INC International Concepts by Macy’s by clicking here, or go to the jacket’s page by clicking here.

I’ll also try to upload a picture of how I’ll wear it as soon as I DO wear it. I’m just waiting for the right day.