Earlier today I got an email from some random website with all these “offers” that are ending in few hours. I thought, why not take a look at them before blocking the emails, once and for all.

I kept browsing, from a page to the next, from a website to the other, till I ended up on Roberto Cavalli’s website. I literally drooled on my first sight on this bijoux bracelet. One word: love!

I’m not quiet sure, but I believe it’s from Cavalli’s spring/summer 12 collection:

Roberto Cavalli Black Bijoux

It is also available in Ivory, even more elegant.

Roberto Cavalli Ivory Bijoux

They’re really amazing, I’d love to get one around my wrist one day.

It’s listed for $370.00, and I honestly think its worth its price in every aspect… What do you think?

Click here to be redirected to the official Roberto Cavalli website, and enjoy some browsing!

Moe Ali.