Since are having huge discounts on some of the Unconditional pieces, I thought I’ll dedicate this post to Unconditional..

Every man living in the 21st century, or even woman for that matters, should be familiar with Unconditional by now, designed by the absolutely GENIUS Philip Stephens. I was introduced to Unconditional about a year or two ago, but I wasn’t really a huge fan. I’d go and see their collections occasionally, but never really owned any of their pieces. Few months back, I bought my first Unconditional shirt, and I kind of got obssesed ever since. Their designs are always modern, outstanding, edgy, with a little touch of darkness. Their designs are really inspiring, and always tend to get me broke!

Below are my favorite 3 picks of the men pieces that are currently on sale on (I’ll cover women’s in the next post!). Click on any picture to buy, see the full detailing, additional pictures, zooming options, and more.


Unconditional V-Neck Cardigan. Original price: $313.34 – Sale price: $159.35


Unconditional Ladder Ghost Hoodie. Original price: $266.78 – Sale price: $159.35


Unconditional Drape Scarf V Neck T-Shirt. Original price: $250.67 – Sale price: $75.20

You can’t really see all the detailing on that one, but try watching the runway after clicking on the photo. I got it a while ago and I absolutely love it! I might blog about it next time I wear it, too.

So what do you guys think? Share some thoughts! And remember: Asos offers free shipping worldwide!