If you’re a shoesista, you must be familiar with the Israeli footwear designer, Kobi Levi. He’s been getting A LOT of attention lately for his unique and partly funny designs.

“Design and shoes have been Kobi Levi’s passion since his childhood in Tel Aviv, Israel. His first shoe designs were created during his high school days. They were made from cardboard back then. Following his passion, in 2001 he graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem.”

Here are some of his featured designs:

Miao ($2,100.00):
This design captures the grace and elegance in a cat’s movement while stretching its limbs. Many actually see it as a dog. Either way, it seems so alive you expect it to jump in a giant leap. The playful tail and pink bell strap add character and personality.
Mallard Duck ($1,680.00):
Unlike most humans, among the ducks it’s the male who is adorned and colorfully decorated. The female is grayish and rather dull. This style celebrates the duck’s bright colors and playful beauty. Making it possible to enjoy this color explosion everywhere you go.
Chewing Gum ($2,240.00):
This style is portraying a scene from the life of an everyday unfortunate sneaker. By freezing a single frame Kobi captured the movement and the tension in the stretched piece of chewing gum and turned it into a high heel.
Swan ($1,680.00):
Majestic, graceful and noble are among the swan’s features. Its beauty and purity are overwhelming, giving this style a distinct bridal appeal without falling into a cliché. It might take a certain lady to wear it, but it will surely make whoever chooses it into one.
Banana ($1,400.00):
Kobi saw the banana as a slipper, inviting the feet to slip inside and flaunt its bright color. The heel, which is shaped as one of the peels, completes the silhouette of the fruit and keeps the design as true as possible to its inspiration.
Blow ($1,960.00):
Heels are promoting sex all around us. They have become synonym with sexual displays of various kinds. Kobi is showing this in the most outspoken way by creating a shoe shaped as an inflatable sex doll and naming it “Blow”.
I love the Chewing Gum! So creative! I am just not quiet sure how wearable most of these designs are, if not all. They look more like a display kind of shoes, but oh well. Click here to look at Kobi Levi’s entire collection. His “footwear art” will also be on display in the Designers Plus Ten exhibition at the Holon Design Museum from April 8th till May 19th, 2012.
I know it’s a fun collection, but what do you guys think? Are they wearable? If so, which one’s your favorite pair?