I was the happiest person alive when they signed and confirmed Single Ladies to a second season last year. I am in love with that show. Everything about it from the lavish side of Atlanta to the fabulous girls, let alone produced by Queen Latifah! But then came the sad news of Stacey Dash (plays Val in the show) leaving the cast and not appearing in season 2. She was my favorite girl in the show.


I wasn’t sure how I am feeling about a new season without Val, she was basically the all-in-all of the show. But after watching the season premier, I was surprised by how gorgeous Denise Vasi (the new-coming character) is. And how they managed to keep it just good as ever; if not better. This show is basically the black version of Sex And The City meets a little grown-up Gossip Girl, it’s like the marriage of my two favorite TV shows!

Did you watch the season premier yet? If yes, what did you think of Denise? And if not, what are you waiting for?!