So I am going to Madonna’s concert on June 4th. I’ve been looking for the right outfit, but I ended up trying to work something by myself. I had a vision about it and I was really excited, so I started working on this Michael Kors blazer, but look what happened then:

And when I finally finished studding the first part and moved onto cutting the sleeves off, that is what happened:

Yes! Boooooo! I was really pissed off.

For some reason, the shoulder pads/underarm area was filled with cotton, messed up threads, and some weird hard fabric. No idea why, but it was all there. I tried everything possible to work it around, but couldn’t. So there I wasted money on the studs and lost a blazer. But you never know what happens when you trust your instincts right?

I’ll have to find something else to wear now, and I have to do it as soon as possible. With me leaving LA today & in a 16-hour flight, I doubt I’ll find any.