Last year, Christian Louboutin sued Yves Saint Laurent for “copying” their red-soled heels, and CL won the case. Still Ysl were allowed to sell their red-soled heels until the case was resolved. This time, Christian Louboutin sued the high street chain, Zara, for copying CL’s Yo Yo slingbacks:


Unfortunately for Christian Louboutin, the French court has ruled that Zara’s 10x cheaper version cannot be confused with the designer’s slingbacks. They do look similar in a way, but the difference is pretty obvious.

Louboutin claims that he has a trademark of the red-soles, because he “invented” them. I just don’t think you can own or invent a color… Louboutin however is not giving up, and still fighting for his “right” of the red-sole.

Is this the end of Louboutin’s fame? Is it the end of Louboutin’s red soles? Will we be seeing red-soled shoes all over the streets now? Only time will tell.

But until then, what do you think? Does Louboutin deserve the right of red-soled shoes, or are you teaming up with Zara? Let me know!