Amongst all the great designers who showed their amazing collections at LCM, regardless of which actual individual pieces I liked the most, SIBLING was the most dramatic, and definitely my all-in-all favorite. That’s the production of sportswear meets high-fashion:

I loved the presentation of the collection twice (or probably more) as much as I liked the actual collection, regardless of the fact that it only took them THREE minutes, or even less, to showcase the entire thing; which they believe was the perfect length, and I strongly agree. Mixed & matched or individually speaking, the collection was amazing.


The presentation was everything! The entire show was really inspiring. The pieces are very incredibly detailed, the masks and styling were flawless, and the prints look really great! That is exactly how one is supposed to present a collection.

I personally loved everything about it….well, except the hats. But they still looked good on the runway.

Click here to watch the runway video on Youtube.

What do you think? How much would you rate the collection/presentation out of 10? Let me know!