The world’s most romantic & beautiful city; Venice, Italy that is.

Yes I had pizzas & pastas for breakfast, lunch, dinner & midnight snacks. I literally forced the food in my mouth, it was beyond delicious. The entire city was.

Most of you guys know that I am touring Europe, and I have been really busy with the whole trip that I barely had time to write this very post. It’s my first time in Italy, where every human being walking down the streets is so hot, too hot maybe. And it definitely wont be my last either. I was amazed when I visited Prague (Czech), but then Venice blew my mind. It put Prague to shame!

This artistic, beautiful city, is just breathtaking:

Isn’t it just beautiful?!

I didn’t do much shopping though, its not the greatest city for shopping. But I did get myself a FABULOUS feathered mask that I just can’t wait to wear!

I’ll try to post some of my outfit/highlight posts as soon as I could, and I’ll sure be updating my Twitter until then.