I had this post saved as a draft on a side just in case I get behind on blogging, and now that I am, I decided to post it.

The only part I don’t appreciate about vacationing is having a limited-closet/luggage. And given that I live in two different (16 hours apart) countries makes everything simply..worse. I, or we all, have to mix & match our clothes then.




Top: Unconditional

Shorts: Zara Denim

Shoes: Zara

Wallet: Dunhill


You know how every now and then you wake up, open your filled closet, yet find nothing to wear? That happens to me all the time. Now that I lived over a month with a very limited luggage, I can appreciate my closet. I don’t think I will get that confused next time.


Let me know what you think, and see you on Twitter until the next post!