Lady Gaga looking extraordinary in a Marc Jacobs creation, covering the september ’12 issue of Vogue USA, photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.


Click here for all the details on Vogue’s website, and REMEMBER to run to the nearest newsstand on August 14th to get the september issue of Vogue!


I know it takes a second glance to realize it’s Gaga standing tall right there, but what do you think of the cover? Don’t mind it? Like it? Love it? Mesmerized (like me) by it? Let me know!


Edit: Gaga tweeted that she’s channeling RuPaul, like many of you guys said, she looked so much like him:


Regardless of how much I love Gaga, I honestly don’t think she would’ve tweeted that if people weren’t talking about how RuPaul did this look before. You never know though, a wise man once said, fashion was made to be imitated. What do you think about this?