Partying the night I landed back in Los Angeles, that’s how crazy life is here. Jennifer Lopez’ concert at Staples Center was out of the world. Amazing outfits, amazing view, amazing company, and amazing refreshments. It was the full package. Too bad I was running late, and I forgot my Canon in the car. It was too late to run back and get it, so I only used my crappy blackberry camera.


Leaving that aside, I’ve been flying all over the world lately in such a short period, and literally with 2 days notice. Moving, rushing, on the go…I really needed a day off-life. No phones, no Twitter, no WordPress for iPhone, nothing. A laidback wax-free-hair Saturday sounded perfect. The fact that there’s no internet technician available (shh, don’t tell my neighbor) until next Tuesday made it all better. I didn’t even think of what I am going to wear, and it just happened that my camera was still in the car since last night. I threw on my new shades, my comfy short shorts and I thought…why not?




Of course I’d wear a dedication to Santa Monica – I’ve been away from this little heaven for over two months!


Shades: Paris Hilton

Top: Zara

Shorts: Macy’s (forget the label’s name)

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs


Bear with me, I get my internet back in 2 days. Meanwhile, I am always on Twitter!