I think the entire outfit came together from how much I loved my visit to Bullets & Butterflies in Mercato, Dubai. The store’s name was stuck in my head for quiet a while now. I loved everything about it; the name, the interior design, the labels they carried, the fitting rooms, and the faaaaaaaabulous shoes & accessories. If you live anywhere near Dubai, you have to check it out!




Sweater by Topman Ltd, Shorts by Unconditional, Shoes by Zara


I am obsessed with the sweater. I first saw it about 4 months ago and I immediately knew that I’ll have it in my closet sometime soon. It was just..fate. Destiny. And unrelatedly, for the lack of recent posts, I blame college. I’ve been overwhelmed with classes & assignments since school started which left me so little time to blog. Meanwhile, I’m always on Twitter!